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Dolls with Purpose




I like looking through vimeo to find something beautiful and on a post rainy night sunshiney sunday morning I just found this. If you know me you will know my relationship with dolls and seeing this brought tears to my eyes because it means that creating bespoke dolls means so much. The buy one give one ideology is amazing. There are people making a difference everywhere. Lets not forget that.

Enjoy your family and have a peaceful sunday.


Story of Dumye® from hkiyany® on Vimeo.



Local Eating and Healthy Schools

For the Love of Books

Admittedly I have not been reading enough to the boys nor myself. I have not yet made it to the Biblioteca de Santiago for story telling either. But I have been noticing a lot of PRO book related advertising and sales and general book love recently.

The Drugstore in Providencia was doing some cool stuff for book week recently and I popped in to Plop Galeria today for a quick browse. Bookshop Browsing really is lovely.

I came home and sat down to do some more investigating on online store creating for my self and a potential project and came across the amazon affiliate programme. Haha I now have a bookstore on the blog! hehehe So please pop in and have a browse at my recommendations. And if you buy something through my store I get credit and get to buy new books. WIN WIN!

I am working my magic on another store with some fun products too so stay tuned.

But how about sitting down for half an hour alone or with your kids and having a read!!!

I guarantee you life will be better because of it!!! Now to drag the babes away from Puss in Boots to read them Roald Dahl!




Give Me 5 #007 Camila Sol Galatzan & Pedro Garcia de la Huerta – Chefs at Dos Salmones Maitencillo, Chile


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Give Me 5 #006 Ben Barton, Chef, Nutbar, Economist – Auckland NZ

5 Silly things Ben has done lately.
#1 grown corn on a fence


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GIVE ME 5 – an explanation

So perhaps I have not explained myself sufficiently! This collaboration is sooooooooo easy! Literally GIVE ME 5. 5 of what you have been up to lately. This need not take more then 5 minutes. PLEASE! You are welcome to give me 5 again later if you like and I am sure if you gave 5 to some other friends they would be stoked as!

You can Facebook them on the Antipode and Sons page or text or email or what ever is easiest! DO IT as I would love to post a give me 5 daily!!! To keep the love flowing!!

any doubts just ask!!!