Shamrock Food Fair

A few weeks ago we ventured out to the Shamrock Food Fair in Providencia, it was the second that they had put on and I took the kids along as I was needing coffee (cos I’ve been converted and nothing tastes or works as good) , sausages and bacon and hot sauce  and I was keen to say hey to Chef Nancy.  I did not make it to try the eggs bene but that its definitely a draw card for those on the hunt for brunch in the city.

The babes got lucky and scored themselves some cupcakes and then proceeded to……..

DSC_1314  DSC_1302



and run………….


and run………..

DSC_1323 DSC_1319 DSC_1318

Until they ended up with completely black feet and ready to crash! So although theres no official playground there is outdoor dining and a huge patio for the kids to go buck wild in clear view!

Thanks to the Shamrock and The Coffee Cuture Crew for a super sweet summer afternoon.

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Jane Duhart – Artist

Jane Duhart …. Artist, mother and escapee from the Heart of London England ended up seducing the hearts of many a Santiago Socialite with her unique offerings …… Her cartoon like characters seem to spring to life whether it be on a wall or even printed on your morning coffee cup ….. She has decorated entire restaurants and even night clubs and always brings that memorable style with her wherever she goes ….


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Pitu Petru logo

PITU-PETRU … coddles you

Inspired by the world of dreams and Waldorf education comes to life this concept by a mother of three children, who have grown between wool, textures and color.
I invite you to meet my handmade creations with the technique of needle felt, made with handmade fleece from Southern Chile. The PITU-PETRU concept includes fairies, gnomes, witches, mermaids, cats and dolls and much more.


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Fabrizzio D´Angelo – Painter

In my painting I try to transmit the power of nature from a non-traditional graph, the viewer discover and list the ways the landscape, flora and fauna.

Based on the figurative and expressive use of color, playful character.

The theme I use is the nature, exuberance and fantasy in particular the American landscape and its iconography in the original cultures without any particular base it also inspired the first manifestations and graphic records of the man in the painting universally.

The development of themes or content of my work is the experience of being in nature, physically and mentally, from the geographical point helping to build the imagination of a very simple and happy way.

Fabrizio D’Angelo

Lic. In Arts

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Ambar Alma

Amber is the fossilised resin from prehistoric trees that grew as much as fifty million years ago, primarily in Scandinavia and elsewhere around the Baltic Sea.

Every necklace is unique with tiny air bubbles and natural particles within the amber itself.

Amber has been worn for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief and to promote fast healing and boost the immune system.

 Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties makes amber ideal as a natural (no drugs) homeopathic product for babies and children.

Amber is warm to the touch and should be worn close to the skin so your child’s warmth will release the healing oils.

A fantastic natural remedy for teething, redness in the cheeks, swollen gums, nappy rash and fevers. It is recommended for allergies and eczema and is used to promote a stronger immune system, assist in general wellbeing and reduce stress.

For more details please check out our

 Ambar Alma Facebook 



Mindfulness Chile

Mindfulness is a technique composed of simple tools and exercises for today’s fast and demanding lifestyle. Through mindfulness we foster connection with our body, mind, emotions and surrounding as a path to greater wellness, health and happiness.  l’ll be explaining more about how it works, opportunities to learn it with Plenamente, as well as demonstrate simple exercises and raffle an author signed version of one of the leading books on the topic.

homepage: www.plenamente.cl

FB. https://www.facebook.com/plenamentechile


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Tienda Istanbul

Tienda Istanbul will be part of the Annual Christmas Bazaar of the Chilespouses!
**All of our products are personally brought from our trips to Greece, Turkey, India and Thailand**

– Indian tie dye bedspreads
– Silk Turkish Pashminas
– Jewelry from Greece and Turkey
– Linen Blouses from Greece
– Dresses and jumpsuits from Greece and Turkey

Discounts and Christmas gift ideas, everything brought from the Mediterranean
More info on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tiendaistanbul

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Poyen Headwear – Maitencillo Chile

A darling friend, sent me this link to watch yesterday. She said look!! My friend Isa is doing a Kickstarter Campaign check it out! And so I did and what an amazingly beautiful project it is. I love initiatives like this that embrace the local community and have eyes on the bigger picture. Really and truly It makes me so happy! So enjoy this lovely project and if you can, help kickstart these guys in to achieving their goals of a better brighter fairer world. Heres the video to their campaign, click through on the video to see the campaign and make a pledge.

This is another video with more about the story!





Food Yum 001

Dolls with Purpose




I like looking through vimeo to find something beautiful and on a post rainy night sunshiney sunday morning I just found this. If you know me you will know my relationship with dolls and seeing this brought tears to my eyes because it means that creating bespoke dolls means so much. The buy one give one ideology is amazing. There are people making a difference everywhere. Lets not forget that.

Enjoy your family and have a peaceful sunday.


Story of Dumye® from hkiyany® on Vimeo.