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For the Love of Books

Admittedly I have not been reading enough to the boys nor myself. I have not yet made it to the Biblioteca de Santiago for story telling either. But I have been noticing a lot of PRO book related advertising and sales and general book love recently.

The Drugstore in Providencia was doing some cool stuff for book week recently and I popped in to Plop Galeria today for a quick browse. Bookshop Browsing really is lovely.

I came home and sat down to do some more investigating on online store creating for my self and a potential project and came across the amazon affiliate programme. Haha I now have a bookstore on the blog! hehehe So please pop in and have a browse at my recommendations. And if you buy something through my store I get credit and get to buy new books. WIN WIN!

I am working my magic on another store with some fun products too so stay tuned.

But how about sitting down for half an hour alone or with your kids and having a read!!!

I guarantee you life will be better because of it!!! Now to drag the babes away from Puss in Boots to read them Roald Dahl!




Give Me 5 #007 Camila Sol Galatzan & Pedro Garcia de la Huerta – Chefs at Dos Salmones Maitencillo, Chile


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Give Me 5 #006 Ben Barton, Chef, Nutbar, Economist – Auckland NZ

5 Silly things Ben has done lately.
#1 grown corn on a fence


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GIVE ME 5 – an explanation

So perhaps I have not explained myself sufficiently! This collaboration is sooooooooo easy! Literally GIVE ME 5. 5 of what you have been up to lately. This need not take more then 5 minutes. PLEASE! You are welcome to give me 5 again later if you like and I am sure if you gave 5 to some other friends they would be stoked as!

You can Facebook them on the Antipode and Sons page or text or email or what ever is easiest! DO IT as I would love to post a give me 5 daily!!! To keep the love flowing!!

any doubts just ask!!!


GIVE ME 5 #005 Melissa Mcmahon – Graphic Designer, Artist, Teacher, Student – Raglan NZ

This is an old GIVE ME 5 post……. MELVIS please send me a new one!

Regardless, its beautiful! Happy Friday




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