Im sad to admit it but i have infact entered into this blogging venture several times and come to nothing. I have decided to just go with the flow. Discuss what comes to mind and share both my creations and inspirations.

One of the first posts i ever posted was right before the birth of child number one. Number 3 has just made her grand entrance at home in a pretty much exactly how i wanted it kind of birth. All my babies were born here in Chile. I was born in Australian and raised in New Zealand.

The 2 boys have just started school and have transistioned from there Montessori kindy to a lovely school that boasts a ginkgo left as the emblem and took them to feed the goats on the first day. That made me so happy.

My original thoughts for Antipode and Sons was my journeys and missions with my small beings but after a bug ravaged it I have decided to start afresh and see where things lead. Possible things i may or may not cover are ramblings about raising kids and having babies in countries that are not your own. Making clothes for them. Adventures and learnings of the planty kind. Navigating roads and Tramites (Tasks), and no doubt all sorts of other bits and pieces. I also may practice writing in spanish and see if i can improve on that.